Message from the Group's Vice Chairman

As a corporate engaged in business with a large public interest component, we at the Lalitpur Power Generation Company Limited (LPGCL), a SPV of Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Limited considers the trust of the public to be our very foundation. We are, therefore, committed to fulfill our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in good faith, with efforts to meet the expectations of all stakeholders in our business activities and by disclosure of information about those efforts to meet our obligation of accountability. 

The demand for electricity has been steadily increasing due to rapid industrialization and large-scale use of electricity for irrigation, domestic and commercial purposes. According to the seventeenth electric power survey of India, the demand in the period 2008-2010 has increased at a rate of average 9% per annum and it is expected to increase at a similar rate for the period of 2012-2017. Power generation in India began more than a century ago in 1898 when the first hydro power unit was set up at Darjeeling and when India achieved freedom in 1947, the country had an installed capacity of 1,360 MW, which increased to 1,90,592.55 MW on Feb 2012 and Government is now intend to add another 75,785 MW by 2017. The LPGCL is also going to contribute 1980 MW by 2015. 
Today, a business must use the right methods and maintain harmony with nature if it wishes to survive over the long-term. I believe that environment friendliness offers a better way to solve humanity's needs and problems. LPGCL is moving in the right direction in our diversification from Sugar to Power as we continue to grow and prosper together with all of our employees and stakeholders.
We believe in high quality workmanship with minimum impact on the environment and meeting the requirement of valued stake holders. In our operations, we stress upon resource conservation, energy efficiency, reduced environmental emissions and maintaining health & safety of machinery, staff and community around. We decided to achieve high environment, health and safety standards as per Bajaj Group’s policy on Environment, Occupational Health and Safety (EHS). This demonstrates our commitment for providing safe & healthy work place for the employees and vicinity community.
As a community, the challenge we face over a long term horizon is to work for a sustainable future. To make our business effective and its impact acceptable, we will continue to identify and implement measures for better procurement, judicious usage of resources, minimize waste and reduce pollution. LPGCL is committed for Community Development and continued efforts are directed towards protecting the well being of neighborhood.
We thank you for your continued support and encouragement and look forward to your cooperation for our social efforts. The Company is committed for high standard community development and set few targets for implementation during the next year and these are addressed in the report. These reports have been developed in-house and hope that you will appreciate these efforts.
Best wishes and regards,

Kushagra Nayan Bajaj